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Nature's Nuggets is a closely held Type C Corporation, chartered in 1998, and established to provide Lawrence and surrounding counties with a source for quality vegan, vegetarian, natural, chemical free and organic food and supplement products.


Our President is Sue Salhany, a Registered Nurse who earned her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Washington Adventist University, Silver Springs, Maryland in 1977.  She served on the OB-GYN floor of Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, TN for 4 years before accepting a position as School Nurse for Pine Forest Academy, a 12 grade boarding school in Chunky, Mississippi.  Her father's cancer, and other health challenges sparked an interest in less invasive, more natural forms of heath management than offered by modern allopathic medicine.  At Pine Forest she also had opportunity to learn retail operations as the manager of the on campus Commissary.  The combination of these experiences lead to her interest in the Natural Food industry, and the establishment of her first small health food store in 1984, the forerunner of Nature's Nuggets.


Her husband, Alan Salhany, has had a life-long interest in health as a severe asthmatic.  His personal health challenges inspired him to dream of becoming a medical doctor but, after entering the pre-med program in college he soon became disillusioned with the narrow focus of traditional allopathic medicine and turned his attention to a broader field of studies.  Shortly after graduation from Southern Adventist University with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Applied Religion, he completed courses in Locksmithing and Automobile Mechanics while gaining experience as an industrial mechanic.  In 1981, along with his wife and family, he moved to Pine Forest Academy as Maintenance Director, Industrial Arts Instructor, Religion and History professor, and interim Principal.  Pine Forest, in addition to their 12 year educational program also operated a long-term health care facility emphasizing holistic health.  His interest in natural health management grew, along with Sue's, as he was finally able to find relief from his chronic asthma problems. After moving to Lawrence County, he assisted his wife in the establishment of her first business, and joined her in daily operations when Nature's Nuggets was incorporated.


Since 1984 Sue and Alan have served the residents of Lawrence County with health and nutrition counseling, quality whole food staples like bulk fruits, nuts, and grains, quality and affordable nutritional supplements, and community education opportunities.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in your quest for optimal health! 


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